Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Latest issue of Anthropology Matters: "Fieldwork identities"

The latest issue of the journal I edit, Anthropology Matters, is now online:

Anthropology Matters Journal
Spring 2009, Vol 11 (1)
ISSN 1758-6453

The identities that are attributed to us and the roles we are placed in during fieldwork matter - to the people we study, to us, and to the research process. In this issue of Anthropology Matters, 11 authors reflect on fieldwork identities. Their reflections can be grouped loosely into three categories: reflections concerning perceived inequalities, differences or power relations, e.g. related to race or wealth; reflections concerning people's assumptions about the fieldworker based on the familiarity of his or her appearance, e.g. related to gender or age; and reflections concerning the negotiation that surrounds the role of "participant observer."

Anthropology Matters is an open access journal. All articles are available free of charge at the Anthropology Matters website.

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