Monday, December 8, 2008

New issue of Anthropology Matters now online here! Below is the official announcement...

Anthropology Matters Journal
Autumn 2008 Vol 10, No 2
ISSN 1758-6453

The latest issue of the Anthropology Matters Journal contains new research from seven PhD or early-career anthropologists. Their topics range from how one "kills time" in Albania and Georgia (by Frederiksen) to the lively carnival experience in Spain (by Salazar-Sutil). Some reflect on the different ways in which they have adapted classical fieldwork to fit their specific topics, including Craciun's reflections on practicing anthropology "out of the corner of one's eye", Wiencke's use of colour drawings as part of his fieldwork, and Enav-Weintraub's experiences of "sensing the political" in the West Bank. Finally, Klein and van Steenwyk both examine marginal communities and how they interact with society: people with variations of gender identity and/or sex development in South Africa , and the Deaf community in Australia .

All articles can be found on the Anthropology Matters website.

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