Friday, October 17, 2008

The male gaze - the male voice (quote from "Sensorial Anthropology", David Howes)

"Those familiar with feminist critiques of the 'male gaze' and the phallocracy that gaze institutes ... may, like myself, have cherished the idea that in more ear-, less eye-minded societies, like that of the Suya [of central Brazil], women's senses would not be as suppressed. But the Suya case dashes that expectation. In place of the 'male gaze' there is the 'male voice': 'plaza speech' - the most valued form of oratory - is only spoken by fully adult men ... In short, there is a politics to the Suya sensory order and a markedly sexual politics at that." (177-178)

- Howes, David. 1991. Sensorial anthropology. In The varieties of sensory experience: A sourcebook in the anthropology of the senses (ed.) David Howes, 167-191. Toronto: University of Toronto Press.

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