Friday, April 25, 2008

Missing the Guardian Review

It seems that sometimes when people have gotten used to reading a certain newspaper or publication, and they switch to another one, they find all kinds of reasons why it's not as good as the first - it doesn't have as much material, it has a less appealing lay-out, it doesn't have as nice pictures, it doesn't have their personal favorite series, and so on. True to form, since we've moved from England to the States, I have tried to switch from the Saturday Guardian to the Sunday New York Times, and have found that the Sunday New York Times - specifically the book review section - doesn't have as much material, has a less appealing lay-out, doesn't have as nice pictures, and doesn't have a series on writers' rooms!

Maybe I'll get used to it later. But for now, I am going to ask for an overseas subscription to the Saturday Guardian Review for my birthday. Then I can get that weekend feeling by settling down with the Review, coffee ... and maybe ... a donut.


Ben said...

Why are you eating flipping DUNKIN DONUTS??!! Two words for you Ingie.


B x

May Luk Ceramics said...

No, you won't get used to it! Hope you get the overseas subscription soon. When I first moved to London, I complained about the British paper "not as good" as the NY Times. Now, back in the States, I cannot read the NY Times Sunday paper after 5 years of reading The Guardian & the Observer. I also have an overseas subscription of the Review sent to me.